Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bachelor house hunting...

Last two weeks were spent in house hunting. House hunting because, my great roomie rather dramatically decided to give notice to our house owner. And a house available in Mumbai goes off the market pretty soon. And that was the case with ours.

So we found ourselves, the trio plus DK who is going to take my place when I leave roaming on the streets of central suburb, looking for a house. From the swankiest apartment to the chawls, we saw them all. Befriended all the brokers and anyone who looked like a prospective house owner. I am happy to say we landed a small flat, at a very astronomical rate; that is beside the point, what I realized is that there is a difference between house hunting and bachelor house hunting.

House hunting is something, that I have seen my dad do. Usually within a week he would land a property worth shifting to or in the latest case worth buying. I in all my ignorance had never thought house hunting could be such a pain.

Case# 1

Flat on the 8th floor of the building. Newly built. No lifts. Note the point no lifts. The broker said the owner is expecting 4100/- pm and 8 months deposit. That's a fair enough bargain. We trooped in to see the house and speak to the owner. Seeing us, the rent goes up to 5100/- pm and the deposit is also hiked to 12 months. Now, that is illogical. We refused and walked off. Later we learn from the agent that the house owner did not want to let out to bachelors.

Case# 2

Flat on 1st floor of building. Excellent location. Initial rent 500/- Went up to 6000/-

After some more such incidences I came to the conclusion that people do not want to let out their flats to bachelors. Which brings us to a very important question, where all these uncles and society seniors born after their own wedding? They were never bachelors? Or, did they in the bachelor days do such things that they are afraid of bachelors in general?

Come on all you decision makers. We youngsters need a place to live. We have come from families similar to yours. We are also earning and/or studying. I am also some one's son. Maybe your son or daughter will move to a new city and they will have to face the same problem. Will you like it if they are refused accommodation in good societies and have to stay in not so great locales just because they are unmarried??

Hope better sense prevails.

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