Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blogging once a way

It's been so long, when i last logged in to blog, my writing feels rusty, my fingers refuse to move on the keyboard, my vocabulary anything but exemplary. Life has been the usual since my last entry, as usual as life can get, with its highs and lows, though it has had more lows than highs. Which in turn was not such a bad thing as you tend to savour every minute of the high. The year started and already it is march....time flew past without even pausing to take a breath. It seems so long ago that it was a New Year. People have come and gone, again more gone than come. Will miss few of them, will think of some of them, will not bother about most of them. And the people who have come, welcome to my messed up life.

.....project work beckons....will continue some other time


Anoop said...

Think we both chose around the same time time to make a comeback???

Anoop said...

And I am surprised nobody went thru ur post of the year behind...good one...

Shayon™ said... too on the blogging scene? Good to find people you know, writing online. It's nt often tht such a thingy happens.