Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Donkey and the Butterfly

The charming butterfly flirting from flower to flower

The poor donkey tilling the earth with the sweat of his brow

Pray, tell me dear one,

Who, is the one, who makes the flowers grow?

Said the butterfly to the donkey,

“Be like me! I flirt from flower to flower as happy as I can be.”

Said the donkey to the butterfly,

“Flirting is not for me. I tend to one little flower, give it beauty for all to see”

Mocking, the butterfly said,

“One, miserly flower, when it is the whole garden I see”

Laughing, the donkey replied,

You see the garden; I see the one which belongs to me”

“Come what may”, the donkey continued,

“And may the world hear”,

“You may flirt with all the flowers in the land”

“But none will ever your name bear.”

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