Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mumbai Nagari

Well I am back.................

Exactly a month has passed since I joined one of the most happening general management group companies that came to campus.....move over TAS, ABG, I am joining a dynamic group which is investing billions, which has got some of the top people who retired from one or the other of the Nav Ratnas.

Life has basically been good...nothing much happening....a small tweak here, a small tweak there that is called one of colleagues puts it "Dude, there is no work life balance here. The damned work is missing".

So long we have been left to our own devices....left to search for acco in the unsympathetic city....Ten other poor souls who joined with me have been shunted out of civilization to one of the most alien cities in this country, where it doesn't matter what or who you are, if you don't know the language you are finished...for reasons best known to me and to my extended circle of friends, it was my dream city. I have been promised that on my next stint, so will probable wait out the monsoons, watching the seas around Haji Ali.

Here is where the great Mumbai Dream begins and goes on....but somewhere, just somewhere there is that small voice in my head which seems to be telling me..."Dude, this isn't the end"....Here I come big bad world....

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