Monday, September 08, 2008

Can he be tried for treason?

Enough is enough.....this guy makes arbit statements against every non-maharastrian and gets away with it.
He writes to the cops asking them not to discharge their duty
And we dont have a law to charge him with treason against the Indian Union? How is he any different form the moderate terrorists who are asking for freedom in J&K?

How is MNS different from the ULFA? Just because ULFA uses bombs and bullets and this guy uses speeches? Some one tell me please.


Shreyas said...

Answer is very simple dude. Coz, he has point in the speeches that he delivers. Maharashtrians have been very accomodating to other regions. Look at other regions in India (I dont need to mention Tamilnadu, Kerala, UP or Bihar). Please dont teach Maharashtrians to be national. Maharashtra, Punjab and Bengal were the fore-runners in Indian independence movement. Our point is to only respect our local culture and leave here (I mean Maharashtra) peacefully. And for your (for UP and Biharis) sake, leave our state's politics to our politicians. No need to make provocative speeches here (Abu Azmi, Lalu and other dogs). You are bound to suffer. If not Raj, entire Marathi community will fight against it tomorrow.

The Ech Aar Manager said...

Well, well.....someone has a very valid you realize dear sir, that if the Rajasthani's went Mr. Raj's way you would not have been able to venture near Pilani.

It is easy to talk about been accommodating sitting in the US. And since your are sitting in the US after a degree from BITS, I suppose you are educated enough to visualize that such "Great Leaders" can only lead to a civil war or a division of our country?

Shreyas said...

Dude, you are still not getting the point. Do you think, if Raj makes baseless speeches, educated people like us would support him? But today we are, because we have been suffering a lot in our own state. And on top of that, today it is Raj...if he retracts from his views due to political motives, local people will throw him away. I will give you few examples.
1. Maharashtrians cant purchase some of the flats in south mumbai even if they have money in their pockets. reason being, some of the affluent builders are gujaratis and jains, who are hell bent on providing flats to those who are vegetarian and from their own regions.
2. 600 sq km area accomodating 2 crores of population, more than that of entire australia. Why? coz, there are 30-35% of people from UP and Bihar, searching for low wage jobs. I still accept..ok fine, no problem. come here and live peacefully. but no...they have to rob people, commit crimes, rapes and they have to create factions. (go to mumbai police and ask them how much time they devote to find criminals from UP-Bihar).
3. These people know that their population is increasing in mumbai and then here comes the role of their politicians. On the name of Chhatpuja, they run rallies of Samajwadi Party, BSP and Mayawati, Lalu, Abu azmi come here and provoke them against Marathis. (This is a scary truth dude...) Why dont Marathis fight, coz we are termed as social, family oriented, ethical and silent people. Then doesnt this community need organizations like MNS or SS to protect them from these criminal minded nuts?
4. There was no need for Jaya Bachhan to say..."hum to UP wale hai. hum hindi me baat karenge. Maharashtra wale hame maaf kar de" I mean, wasnt this provocative? Why wasnt any action taken against her? The reality is these politicians are making the most of it by making senseless speches and destroying our beautiful land. We dont need them...for gods sake.
Maharashtra is known for its spirited growth, nice accomodating culture and good quality life. There are many problems, but lesser than other states in India.

Our point is to respect our land, respect local culture and live peacefully. Or else, we sadfully need someone as dreadful as Raj to step in...

The Ech Aar Manager said...

Agreed completely.....but then the solution is not to ban migrants into the City of Dreams but to create enough employment opportunities for people at different places in the country. But unfortunately as long we have the Mamata Banerjee's of the world this seems to be a distant dream.

And no matter what, do you realize that by supporting Raj Thackeray you are just creating a Frankenstein monster that would eventually engulf our country? I do not suppose you remember Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale? The same inaction by the Government during the early days of Punjab insurgency led to the creation of the Khalistan monster. Who is the victim then? Is it the migrant or is it the people of the state?

Do you by any stretch of logic suppose that Maharashtra or Tamil Nadu or for that matter any Indian State can survive alone? Without the Union of India? What makes us a country? The minute the Indianess is gone from us, we are headed the USSR way. Small republics who together were a world power but now are just a synonym for anarchy. Is that how you visualize India 2020?

and as for as respecting the local culture and tradition, well....that is something that has to be brought about by positive action. You cannot expect that negative reinforcement will lead to respect of local culture and traditions. I know of my marathi friends in Kolkata who find Durga Puja very loud and irritating. But then I found that the same thing that they complain about in Kolkata is witnessed in Mumbai during Ganesh Utsav. What is needed is not a stick to say that you must respect Durga Puja the way you respect Ganesh Utsav but become a part. Like sugar mixes in milk, not like a chunk of ice that displaces the milk. And that action cannot come from Mr. Raj T, it has to come from each individual. You and me. And coming the the subject of Chaat, why can't the Bihari's and UPites celebrate Chaat. There are lots of goodies and sweets that are distributed after the puja. Why leave the opportunity to tuck in?