Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sharod Subheccha....

One more Pujo goes by. And this time it was a dull one. Dull by even my standards. My mother and the kid sister left on shosti. And I went back to what I do best. Rest my tired body in the air conditioned comfort of the office. Din't have much to do this week with half the office out for navratri. And today felt too lazy too go out.

Well, anyways, even though this year I did not
celebrate Pujo the way it is supposed to be, the last day always leaves you a bit gloomy, a bit nostalgic. It is almost like having to get on with the dullness of life. But then you know, that "Aasche bochor aabar hobe". And aasche bochor hopefully it will be a different celebration than this.

Wishing you all the warmest greetings for
Dussehra. Subho Bijoya....aasche bochor mongolmoye hok

Picture courtesy this wonderful site that has enabled millions of Probashi Bangalee to keep in touch with Pujo.

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Daffodils said...

Indeed the next Pujo will be different now :)