Saturday, August 22, 2009

Trivia #1 Answers

1) This word first appeared in around 1784 and meant "an odd person". Today, it is one of the most popular mind sports ever. The first time this word was used in India was in 1967 in Calcutta. What am I referring to?

A. Quiz

2) This popular dermatological/OTC medical product introduced in 1929 is known as "Hathiwala Cream" in rural India. What is the product?

A. Boroline

3) G D Pharmaceuticals Private Limited introduced popular and effective products like Suthol, Eleen and Penorub in India. What does GD stand for?

A. Gourmohan Dutta

4) If I am suffering from Ageusia, what am I suffering from?

A. Loss of sensation of taste

5) If I am playing Doom, I am playing a FPS game. What is FPS?

A. First Person Shooter

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