Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dear Neta Log and Arm Chair Generals

1) Raj Thackerey Saheb: Maj. Sandeep was a MALLU from the BIHAR regiment who died so that you could rest your stinky ass in peace at Shivaji Park. Where was your brave sena when this attack was taking place? Maybe he should have refused to come down here, as you want only Marathi Manoos to be in Mumbai

2) Amar Singhji: Were the terrorists killed in this attack also your beta? Or maybe vote bank politics dictates that all the brave officers killed where killed by their own men? Don't you want a Judicial enquiry?

3) Lalooji: Do you still want the ban on SIMI lifted? Or maybe, yeah aapke bacche the, jo rasta bhatak gaye?

4) Madam President: On the face of this tragedy, your holiday in Indonesia is uncalled for. And cancelling appointments because V.P Singh died and forgetting about the 200+ in Mumbai, just goes to show that you are fit for the kitchen of an ex and future PM not as a President

5) V.P Singh: You should have died earlier. But then remembering the violence that you unleashed on the students, you deserved to die now, and remain confined to one column. Glad to forget you

6) Manmohan Singhji: Speak like a damned Prime Minister. Not like some Goddamned economist. Soft speak is not the need of the hour. Heard of fists of thunder?

7) Signora Sonia: "Hum is ghatana ki kari neenda karte hain" is a mother hood statement. Please refer point 6 above

8) Shivraj Patil: Time you committed suicide dude. Resignation is for people responsible for a Fuck Up, not for a carnage

9) L.K. Advani: From when did Hemant Karkare become your Hero?

10) Narendra Modi: We know, Gujrat is a rich state. Please keep your charity for those commandoes killed in Akshardham. Anyone remembers Surjan Singh Bhandari?

11) All Arm Chair Generals: The NSG, MARCOS, Army, ATF, Police and Fire Brigade know their job. They have been trained much better than you, and have experienced much more than you. Please keep your gob shut and applaud them. And next time there is a pay revision, kindly think of increasing their pay.

Foot Note: This Country of mine, declared a 7 day mourning for a random PM, who was anyway going to die. For the 200+ killed in the attacks, well life goes on. Next week, you shall return to being dead and becoming a statistic. The famed resilience of the Maximum City will take over. But, there will not be a question, there will not be answers. Nothing will change. For we have brought this upon us. If, we the People of India, do not forget our differences and stand united, we will be targetted again, and again and again; from land, sea and air. And all we can do is stand by and watch.

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Bong Pen said...

Right you are HR! If only we had few sincere, resounding and reassuring voices.

Once Achilles rightly said to Agememnon, " War is Old men talking and young men dying"!