Saturday, March 25, 2006

Lonely nights and interview frights

After a loooong time another post.....

The last three months have been hectic to say the least. Major reasons for them being
1) I gave the XAT
2) I got calls
3) I became the team lead and the biggest
4) XIMB gave me aroyal kick on my backside and put me in my place.

What ails me during interviews??? Why does it always happen that I can think of the best answers the minute I step out of the interview room??? Does it happen with all...or am I the lucky one. Come on...two calls from XLRI and two from XIMB in two years and still not an MBA is pretty hard to beat.

I still remember the first XLRI was a dream...till Dr. Rao from XL decided to ask your's truly's opinion on a goddamned case. Workers in a steel plant are on a strike for increased pay (happens everywhere). Management willing to incease only half. What will you do?

I confidently the workers (the paapi pet pe laath ka funda)....doesn't cut any ice with the panel. I step out of the find Suchorita chewing her finger nails and Tanmay grinning his chesire cat grin. And a bolt strikes me...wait a minute...I could have mera....average le lete hain...why din't I think of it.....

Next comes the XIMB interview.....after the usual formalities (which included, what are you, who aer you, why are you here) comes to the brass tacks....what do you want to do after MBA. Moi, the great moi...comes out with pen and paper to explain a business plan....something that is a cross between a credit card and a hospital prescription...don't ask me what...even I was convinced it wouldn't work......of course it din't cut any ice with the panel....

Fast forward to 2006....XIMB....all tech stuff about the hell am I to know....its been two years sir since I last glanced at a meta book...but I had brought this upon me...thinking that the interview would be very short..i asked the panel to ask me on anything...the result...WL 119....hell to pay

It is not related to only MBA is something in the thing called my head....but it still remains....why me???

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