Monday, December 26, 2005

Land's end

Had written this way back in Mumbai.......Never got around to post it

Have you ever stood at the beach staring at the vast expanse in front of you? Did that last sunday...At the utterly detestable Bandra Seaface....why detestable?? Well for one.....when you are alone in this teeming do feel odd staring at the sea, while being surrounded by couples in different stages of embrace. But that is the thing I love about this city. People are not bothered about what you do as long as it doesnot affect them. The city lets you keep your peace. But this also breeds a kind of lonliness. The one I am facing. Surrounded by people...but still alone.

Living here has made me realise one thing...after four years in the hostel.....adjusting anywhere is not a problem...but bonding may share a drink or all you want but office colleagues need a marked boundry...a boundary you never cross....It's not that with the RIT there is no can do anything and nothing will be said...adjusting and bonding has already are in your comfort zone...

Land's the threshold of a new dawn...have to move away from the comfort zone....move into the unknown....the wilder side of things...maybe then I will start loving this city also...

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